Case Study: Great Yorkshire Show

Great Yorkshire Show


Case Study

We were so excited to be involved in one of the country’s leading agricultural events. The Great Yorkshire Show


What we did

Working with the existing branding, maintaining the shows history, our only modification was to remove the oval to enable us to save space on the header of the website.

Our brief was to create a modern and responsive design, whilst creating a rich but simple user experience.

The website was constructed using WordPress so various departments could edit the site. As this site is quite big and is multi faceted we divided the site into various subsections. Firstly, the main pages such as the home page, what’s new and what’s on were given a luxury feel to appeal to the public that had never visited the show and would entice them to buy tickets.

Next we moved on to web development modules. We needed functionality to process competition results and store them historically over many categories. The other modules were developed were a shopping directory for advertising revenue, ad rotation for sponsored advertising and a where to stay directory.

The site also had to perform well in browsers and mobile devices so this was performed using a CDN. This meant the files were delivered quickly and efficiently.

SEO & Google Ads

We were responsible for the organic SEO, PPC and Display ads in the run up to the show.

Live Stream

We broadcasted the camera footage during the show and published it on YouTube. This was done using an interface and a laptop straight from the broadcasting unit.

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