Vintage & Retro Brand Identity

Alexanders Gentlemen’s Grooming

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The Challenge

To create a vintage experience from the inside out capturing authentic elements to encapsulate the beginning of luxury barbershops.

What we did

The first phase was research. We need to see first hand how this would work and visited a couple of similar businesses in the heart of London. Once we understood the business model we could then start to embark on how everything would fit together. We put together a brief outline of the road map and design lifecycle and looked at how we would implement it. Detail in this project was everything so there was nothing we could miss.

The second phase was to start to piece together a theme and centralised characterisation that suited the name and brand. We came up with the idea that as the business was called Alexander, we would accent the business with famous historic Alexanders. So Alexander the great, Alexander Graham Bell and so on. Our illustrators set to work on creating the drawings for the characters that would be around the brand. We then created the logo using a custom type set and the brand was starting to take shape. Everything and we mean everything had to be as authentic and believable as possible.

Once the branding was agreed we started work on all the shop and print assets they would expect from a digital design agency. From internal signage to furniture, from a 1930s cash register to branded towels. Even the outside signage was hand drawn by a sign writing specialist. We felt this was essential.


As much as our heads with in the last century, we had to focus on this one too. We need a web presence and online store as that would make up a large amount of the revenue as they client sold their own range of mens grooming products. We felt the website and digital marketing needed to reflect everything else so we adopted a bespoke approach utilising modern design techniques and a custom CMS that wouldn’t restrict our end goal. 

To put Alexander on the map, we structured PPC campaigns that would place them in amongst their competition. We also conducted a longer term organic SEO campaign that would gain results. After all this is what a digital design agency does……right?

Overall we really enjoyed this project and challenges we faced. Takara Belmont the biggest manufacturer of barbering chairs and workstations in the world featured our work on their website and magazines. View on Takara Belmont’s website 

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